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Eltham Hen House

564 westhorne avenue eltham london se9 6dr UK

Eltham Hen House

Chickens and small animal boarding


Here at Eltham Hen House we have various items for sale, and can at times get hold of Special Deals or Offers on all different Pet related things. Always check back here for a peek at what we have on offer! We can deliver for free within a two mile radius and other local areas for a small charge, Please ask for Details.

CHICKENS FOR SALE - Ready shortly

Hybrid chickens for sale at £20 each for females and £6.00 for males.

Some are from the Cream Leg bar strain which means most will lay the blue/green eggs, and Rhode island red/light Sussex cross. Very hardy birds with great egg laying of over 300 eggs per year!

contact us if you want to buy any of these.

Medium size bag Of Woodchip.

Dust extracted high grade woodchip for soft bedding. Low dust content with high spread volume.

£3.50 each or 2 bags for £6.00.

We also sell bags of Straw and Meadow Hay - please call or email for prices.

Triple Cage With Run.

Here we have a well made outdoor triple cage with run. The cage has a felt roof and 2 inside ramps. The cage comes flat pack and is easy to assemble. This can be used for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs or any other small animals. The RRP on this cage is £180 but we have a discount on this cage until the 1st June !! Our price is £150

Chicken coop with ramp and secure run.

Here we have a large chicken coop with secure run for up to 4-6 chickens with nesting box. This coop has two perches inside and a lockable door to the house. The nesting box also has a lock on it. This item comes flat pack and is easy to assemble. The RRP for this is £165 but we have a discount on this until the 1st June !! Our price is £125.00

Rabbit food.

Burgess excel vet recommended tasty Rabbit food with mint to aid digestion.

Various sized bags at various prices, please phone or email for prices.

We also sell the Guinea Pig version of this, please ask for details.