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Eltham Hen House

Eltham Hen House  is now in Greenwich se10

Eltham Hen House

Chickens and small animal boarding


We do require payment in cash when you drop your Pets off -

due sadly to some owners not coming back to collect their Pets :-(

  • Hens -
1-8 Hens  £6 per Day 
  • Rabbits -
1 Rabbit  £ 5.00  a day or  £6.50 a day for pair of Rabbits sharing same cage.
  • Guinea Pigs -
1 Guinea Pig  £4 per Day 
£5.00 per Day for a pair of Guinea Pigs sharing same cage.
  • Small Furries -
Mice, Hamsters & Gerbils Etc -
per cage  or £3.50 per Day. Degus £6 per day.
  • Birds in own cage -
£4.00-£8.00 per Day for shorter stays.
  • Tortoise 
 £6 per Day 

        Rats  £10 per day for cage and rats 

  • Local home visits for cat feeding  and Pet Drop off/Collection service.

  • We  also do house sitting when your away so piece of mind that your house is looked after ok when your away enquire for how much 
Please contact us for prices.
  • Claw clipping £6 Guinea Pigs / Rabbits.
  • Pets who are on medication or need it administered while boarding will be charged an extra £5.
  • Please note all Bank holiday days will include a £10 extra charge on top of the normal boarding fee, and although open for boarding we do not have any pets going home or coming on these days.

Fresh Eggs when available £1.50 per box of 6 - see Blog for details!

Please see the Contact Us page for printable booking forms.

Unfortunately we cant accept Ferrets/Cockerels - sorry! Rats £10 per

day due to large cages. 

Discounts are available for Multiple Boarders.