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Eltham Hen House

Eltham Hen House  is now in Greenwich se10

Eltham Hen House

Chickens and small animal boarding

Education Program For Schools

We run Education programs for Primary and Secondary Schools,We provide Six/Ten fertilised Hen Eggs that are a few days away from hatching together with the loan of Two Brooders.

The Eggs would have previously been incubated for 18 days, after this time the incubator Egg turning system is switched off and the Eggs hatch approximately 3 days later - totaling 21 days. These Eggs would have been Candled about 6 days after incubating to check for the start of the Embryo development and then again at 12 days and 18 days too. This program is a wonderful experience for Children of all ages, and Adults too! We are on hand at all times during the program if help or advice is needed.

The brooders are where the Egg hatches and the Chick is able to stay in the brooder or 10 - 14 days depending on their size, this provides the warmth and safety the newly hatched Chicks need to survive the first few weeks of life.

We also supply information packs which include photos of various stages of the Hatching process through to newly hatched Chicks, lots of interesting fact sheets all about Hens including basic anatomy, daily routine, feeding, handling, and how an Egg is made, and one or two half hour talks to the Children where they can ask questions and get the chance to have a stroke and meet a real Hen or two!

At the end of the program which lasts between 14 - 21 days, the School get the opportunity to keep the Chicks and have their very own School Hens or simply hand them back. We can provide help and advice to the School of how best to house them and look after them, the School would then have Child friendly Pets with fresh Eggs daily - great for using in baking, or even selling to the local community!

We also do a "day old" programme where the chicks have just hatched, most of the above still applies but you have the piece of mind for young children that they have already hatched out safely :-) We also do pets talks!

Check out our new Blog Page for regular news and updates!

Please note we do have Enhanced DBS Certificates (the new CRB)

If your interested - please contact us for more details.